(ML)2P-Encoder: On Exploration of Channel-class Correlation for Multi-label Zero-shot Learning

Decomposed Soft Prompt Guided Fusion Enhancing for Compositional Zero-Shot Learning

PMR: Prototypical Modal Rebalance for Multimodal Learning

GriDB: Scaling Blockchain Database via Sharding and Off-Chain Cross-Shard Mechanism

pFedPrompt: Learning Personalized Prompt for Vision-Language Models in Federated Learning

Latency-Optimal Pyramid-based Joint Communication and Computation Scheduling for Distributed Edge Computing

PROPHET: Conflict-Free Sharding Blockchain via Byzantine-Tolerant Deterministic Ordering

Graph Knows Unknowns: Reformulate Zero-shot Learning as Sample-level Graph Recognition

MGIA: Mutual Gradient Inversion Attack In Multi-modal Federated Learning”

PASS: Patch Automatic Skip Scheme for Efficient Real-time Video Perception on Edge Devices