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With the popularity of distributed systems, blockchain, and cryptography technologies, the era of Web 3.0 is forthcoming. Web 3.0 is expected to break the status quo that a few large Internet technology companies monopolize the World Wide Web. In Web 3.0, the content created by users is expected to be owned and controlled by the users. The value created will be fairly and transparently allocated according to the consensus of all users.


In this project, to promote and incentivize knowledge sharing and retrieving worldwide for Web 3.0, we will construct the first trustworthy and privacy-preserving decentralized knowledge graph system. The system will be composed of three layers. In the first layer, the users who want to share knowledge can store their data in the distributed storage system provided by HUAWEI Cloud. The data will be encrypted for the privacy of knowledge owners. In the second layer, we will construct an authenticated data structure for verifiable knowledge retrieving on the global knowledge graph shared by the users worldwide in a privacy-preserving manner. In the top layer, we will develop a decentralized social identity (DID) platform to regulate users' behaviors and encourage sharing of valuable knowledge for a sustainable ecosystem. Most importantly, all the above operations of storing, integrating, and retrieving knowledge will be supported by the Blockchain Service provided by HUAWEI Cloud; thus, they can be guaranteed transparently, tamper-proof, and openness.


The project can return the ownership of knowledge to users and break the monopoly of large Internet technology companies. The Knowledge Web and its Web of Knowledge are created and accessed by numerous Web users and becoming decentralized, which can be extended to a broad range of decentralized applications, including healthcare, finance, and autonomous organization, in the future.

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